Painting with NATURAL stone COLOURS



Artistic practices and service

The creation of sacred art such as Stupas, thangkas and statues is a practice that is said to result in great merit and positive energy for the recipient and the practitioner.

Thangka Painting

A unique form of sacred art originally found in Indian buddhist cave paintings.

Original paintings can be commissioned through consultation offering more freedom and insight into the details of creating artworks.

Tsa Tsa statues

Tsa Tsas are small sacred statues made using plaster or gypsum and are cast using silicone moulds allowing for greater detail.


Tsa Tsas can be found inside Stupas, Statues, Prayer Wheels, Sacred caves and Monastery Alters.




Stupa restoration painting


The stupa is the most ancient form of Buddhist Art symbolising the enlightened mind.


Stupas are used to enshrine sacred relics from the buddhas.