4 Arm Avalokiteshvara (Sanskrit)

Chenrezig (Tibetan)

Avalokiteshvara Is a peaceful deity, white in colour and a symbol Of Immeasurable compassion , with 4 hands, his right holding a crystal rosary reminding us to recite the mani mantra , the left hand holding a white lotus flower and front 2 hands in prayer mudra holding a blue crystal representing all sentient beings.



 Mineral colours on cotton.

Green Tara

Syamatara (Sanskrit)

Drolma jang (Tibetan)

Green Tārā is a completely enlightened Buddha appearing in the form of a goddess and female bodhisattva. 

Tārā is the goddess of protection and compassion, who quickly overcomes obstacles and has the power of miraculous activities.




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Yellow Tara

Marici (Sanskrit)

Ozer Chen ma (Tibetan)


 Marici is a goddess of the Dawn



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Medicine Buddha with 4 healing goddesses

Bhaisajyaguru (Sanskrit)

Sangye Menla (Tibetan)





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