"Tsa Tsa" is another form of buddhist sacred art originating in India and traveling to Tibet after the 10th century. The practice of making Tsa Tsas has flourished in remote parts of the Himalayas, most notably Tibet. Originally Tsa Tsas are small sacred images made from clay, stamped using a metal mold. Nowadays Tsa tsas are generally made using plaster or gypsum and are cast using silicone moulds which allows for greater detail. Tsa Tsas can be found inside Stupas, Prayer Wheels, Sacred caves and Monastery Alters.

They may also be given as gifts.


The creation of sacred objects such as Tsa Tsas, Thangkas and Stupas is a practice that is said to result in great merit and positive energy for the practitioner and the recipient.

In 2014 Louis travelled to Italy to live and study in the Buddhist Center "Istituto Lama Tsong Khapa" (FPMT Center) located in a small village of Tuscany, Pomaia (Pisa). With the special event of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama giving teachings and blessings at the Lama Tsong Khapa Center, Louis had the great privilege of creating a Tsa Tsa presentation to be on display for the public.


Louis was also commissioned to make thousands of Tsa Tsa for the Stupa building company "Stupa Onlus". Thanks to the director Rosario Rizzi who sponsored all the materials, louis was able to undertake these projects.


Louis continues the Tsa Tsa practice from his studio in Munich.

To commission a Tsa Tsa please feel free to contact Louis for further information.