Stupa restoration

The Stupa is the most Ancient form of Buddhist art symbolising the enlightened human mind. 

Stūpa  स्तूप, (Sanskrit)  “relic mounds” are a type of sacred architecture used to enshrine relics dating back to the time of Buddha Shakyamuni (6th century BCE). Originally Stupas were made of earth and in the shape of a dome.


In Ancient India under the rule of Emperor Ashoka, Stupas underwent a great expansion and we’re soon to evolve and become magnificently decorated with sculptural symbols and scenes of the life of the Buddha. 


Since February 10.2024, Louis travelled to Italy and is working as an artist in collaboration with Stupa Onlus, a humanitarian organisation committed to the recovery of the Tibetan and Himalayan tradition through restoration activities of the Stupas which poses great energetic power for world peace.
In Association with Istituto Lama Tsong Khapa (FPMT centre) Louis was able to take responsibility for the stupa restoration painting of 5 big Stupas in Pomaia, Tuscany. 

Louis continues the Stupa Restoration projects with Stupa Onlus.

Please  feel free to contact Louis for further information.